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: Puteri Farah Natasha
: Puteri Farah Natasha
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21 Jul 2013 | 0 Diamond[s]
Assalamualaikum , semua . 
Let's talk about future .
Sometime we might curious , what will happen in our future . Yeah , we're in a same boat actually .
When we talk about this , we will feel like "OMG , I'm so scared to be called 
as an adult person"

Adult ? It's sound nothing for us . But actually we have too many responsibilities that we have to carry .
Okay . Korang semua mestilah ade cita-cita kan . Life is meaningless without ambition . 
So , apa cita-cita korang ? My ambition is to be a succesfull lecturer . I would like to 
lecture in English language . I would like to go to overseas .

But , yesterday we have an examination of career . Kena share ngan dieorg apa yg kita suka .
And me ? I've got A . A is stand for Artistic . Artistic is more too music . 
Dan ramalannya ckp saya boleh jadi actor , penulis , penulis lirik , penerbit , pelatih drama and the last one 
teacher . 

Papa kate , Farah boleh jadikan penulis lirik or pelakon as kerja sambilan , 
mcm Adibah Noor . Lecturer English tapi at the same time dia berlakon . So , Farah pun dah decide ...
Farah akan jadi Lecturer English dan kalau ade rezeki , Farah akan jadi penulis lirik maybe ?

Buatkan album untuk orang or anything else . Insyaallah .. Wish me luck guys . Anyway , trial Farah nak dekat dah .. 29.7 nie .. And masa jealous sgt . They always moving so fast . Tapi 
mama Farah kata , takpayah takut . A successfull person is a person who always 
ready for an examination . 

p/s : Pray for Puteri Farah Natasha and all her batch 1998